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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."

- Hippocrates


Dr Chantelle Drobot, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Chantelle Drobot, ND


Calgary Naturopathic Clinic

Integrative Health Centre is a full service Calgary naturopathic clinic headed by Dr. Chantelle Drobot – a prominent naturopath in Calgary for over fifteen years. With her dedicated and integrative health team, Dr. Drobot’s mission is to exceed the highest standards of Calgary naturopaths and address the underlying cause of disease in the body. To do this, Dr. Drobot and her fellow health professionals use some of the most safe and effective natural treatments among naturopaths in Calgary.

Choosing a Naturopath in Calgary

How happy and healthy is your body and mind? Do you always look, feel, and perform at your best? Naturopathic medicine is a natural and highly effective approach to disease prevention and health promotion that fosters your body’s internal systems’ strength and vitality. In the past decade, there has been surge in the number and popularity of naturopaths in Calgary and preventative health care in general. By assessing and making even small changes in your diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation, your body and mind can achieve optimal health. Choosing Integrative Health Centre as your Calgary naturopath means choosing to live an overall healthier and happier life.

When to See a Calgary Naturopath

It’s a complaint we often hear at Integrative Health Centre Calgary naturopathic clinic. People are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. They are becoming increasingly aware that although conventional western drugs and doctors are valuable tools, they are not always the answer. Many don’t feel well, and yet are told the exams and tests indicate they are in perfect health. They are frustrated by health issues that are not easily diagnosed or treated, and are often told they simply have to live with it. Care at a naturopathic clinic is often a much different experience for patients, and usually results in a more involved, proactive approach to personal health.

Why Integrative Health Calgary Naturopaths

As an experienced naturopath in Calgary for many years, Dr. Drobot regards an individual's symptoms as simply the body's way of expressing imbalances. The overall goal is to remove the root cause of illness, not just alleviating symptoms. In supporting rather than over-riding the body's natural mechanisms, it can quickly returns to a healthy state.

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