Condition Explanation

Explanation of Conditions

(i.e. low immunity symptoms, allergies and more)

Stress Related Illnesses

Stress is a huge problem in our society today and as we all know, things aren't going to change anytime soon. If your body and your environment are compatible, then your body should be able to adapt and respond to your lifestyle without manifesting symptoms. At the Integrative Health Centre we focus on ensuring that your body can adapt to the stressor within your environment so you can maintain your lifestyle and still feel great. Because we can't change your outside environment we focus on changing your internal environment by altering your diet slightly and using supplements to get you back on track. Health simply means you can live your life feeling good regardless of your lifestyle and we're excited to be a part of that journey. To schedule an appointment and get yourself back on track click here.

Peri-menopause and Menopause

Women want to feel great forever and ensuring that your body negotiates peri-menopause and menopause smoothly is a huge part of that journey. Women have told me they love their 40's, 50's and 60's “it's like your 30's but with money and no babies” so we want to make sure you in better shape now than you were in your 30's. Menopause happens in the prime of life now whereas historically it may have been a stage that came towards the end of a woman's lifetime. People are interested in maintaining their youth and vitality forever and we want to help you get through your hormonal journey and get on with your life with as little trouble as possible by telling you what is actually happening in the body, suggesting supplements or lifestyle habits that will decrease your symptoms. We also want to make sure you are educated about your options regarding hormonal intervention (the healthy kind) and medical procedures that might be helpful so you can feel as good as you can. Having some hormonal concerns? Schedule an appointment and let us help you feel your best by clicking here.

PMS and Hormonal Imbalances

From the time a woman is a teenager to her mid 50's getting a monthly period is a unavoidablel part of a womans life. Your cycle plays a huge role in how you feel throughout the month and many women (and their partners and families 🙂 are bothered by PMS symptoms that impact the second part of their cycle. Symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances, acne, spotting, weight gain and bloating may be preventable if your cycle is balanced so your period comes without any of the unenjoyable symptoms you may have experienced in the past. Let us help you get your period back on track, your family will love you for it! For help with PMS symptoms, book an appointment by Clicking here.

Candida and Yeast Infections

Candida is a fungal organism that lives in the digestive and vaginal canal in the human body. What keeps this organism in balance is the good bacteria that also lives in the digestive and vaginal canal however, with all the anti-bacterial products in our environment, often that good bacteria is reduced resulting in the candida organisms to take over and cause symptoms. Symptoms such as gas and bloating, sugar cravings, itching, pain, fatigue, change in bowel movements, discharge and overall discomfort are all indicators that the bacterial flora in the body may not be optimal and often a simple yeast killing program will get rid of the symptoms and get your body back on track keeping you feeling fantastic for long periods of time. Let us help you get your digestive and yeast based symptoms back on track by booking an appointment click here.


Irritable bowel is a huge issue for people these days because of antibacterial use, stress, diet and family history. Anyone who has had digestive issues knows that you become a slave to your body as you wonder when your next bowel movement will be, where the nearest washroom is or whether you'll fit into your pants by the end of the day. Often simple diet changes and minimal supplementation can get your digestive system functioning properly and let you focus on the rest of your life. Let us help you get rid of your pain in the butt digestive symptoms by scheduling an appointment. Click here.

Heart disease

Keeping your heart and cardiovascular system healthy is incredibly important as heart disease is a leading cause of death in this country. At the Integrative Health Centre we focus on keeping your heart and arteries healthy by adjusting your diet to encourage optimal cholesterol metabolism and using supplementation to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Keeping the heart healthy is a fundamental component to living a long and healthy life. Let us help you on your way to a healthy cardiovascular system by clicking here.

Low Immunity Symptoms

Your immune system is your biggest protection to your outside environment. With all the potent viruses going around you want to make sure that your can body protect itself so you aren't sick all the time. Is it important to get sick once or twice a year, in fact getting sick shows us that your immune system is working properly, but most of the viruses now last 6 to 8 weeks once they settle in so keeping your immune system on the ball gets you back on your feet faster so you can resume you lifestyle. Let us help you get your immune system prepared for the winter! Click here to schedule an appointment.

Autoimmune conditions

Autoimmune disorders are diseases caused by the body producing an inappropriate immune response against its own tissues. What causes this process is still unknown but what we do know is we do know that stress is a huge factor in the presentation of symptoms. A large part of this immune process is influenced by stress hormones so by encouraging your body to respond more appropriately to stressful situations, we can encourage the immune system to have more control over the inflammatory process so you have less pain and fatigue. Book an appointment and let us help you get your stress levels under control by clicking here.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Food allergies and sensitivities can cause a myriad of symptoms such as skin conditions, joint pain, digestive disturbances, fatigue, autoimmune conditions etc. Because many of these symptoms are compounded by stress, identifying food sensitivities and allergies allows you to remove the only stress you have any control of, food, from your diet to decrease or eliminate these conditions. For many of us diet is 80% of how you feel, so changing your diet can make a huge difference in your energy and symptom pattern often with minimal supplement intervention. Book an appointment and let us help you identify hidden food allergies and sensitivities by clicking here.


Life with diabetes can be better! If you have diabetes or think you have blood sugar management problems let us help you! We will figure out your best eating plan and your best supplement program to keep your blood sugars as well as your mood low, even, and stable. If you have type II diabetes, we will work on controlling your sugars through diet so that you can minimize your medications. If you have type I diabetes, we will work on controlling your sugars so that you can mange your insulin use. For both we focus on reducing future risk of complications. Book an appointment and get started on a path towards healthier sugar levels by clicking here.

Optimizing Athletic Performance

We all know it's important to be active but exercise can be another stress on the body leading to injuries, colds, fatigue and body fat distribution. By maximizing your iron levels, supporting your adrenal glands which are your stress system in the body and optimizing your diet you can achieve your performance more efficiently. Let us help you be the athlete you've always wanted to be whether you're a professional or starting from the beginning. To maximize your potential click here.