What to Expect When You Visit

Integrative Health Centre is a professional natural health clinic dedicated to offering effective health care to our patients. Our alternative medicine clinic supports a wide variety of patients in their quest for health by providing an atmosphere of compassion, service, lifestyle education and natural health therapies. The most important focus of our practice is education. After all, the word "doctor" is derived from the Latin word ‘docere,’ which means "to teach."

Integrative Health Centre has joined forces with the Healing Bridge Chiropractic Clinic in an effort to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients as possible. Our natural medical clinic now provides a complete multi-disciplinary experience including Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services. For more information about the various therapies available at our alternative medical clinic, Reach out to one of our health care providers.

What Happens in the First Visit?

Your first visit to the Integrative Health Centre natural health clinic involves filling out a general information form, including the major health concerns you would like addressed. Your visit with the doctor will include an in-depth history of your present health concerns, diet, energy and sleep patterns, major surgeries and general health status. This will be followed by a general physical exam (external only) and possibly some generic testing procedures using physical muscle tests and electro-dermal acupuncture testing.

In our alternative medical clinic, we believe that education is an important factor in the success of the program. The bulk of the visit is used to explain what is happening within your body and what is needed to correct the imbalance. The information is then used to design a program with the individual, using lifestyle and supplements to achieve the desired result. This means receiving the best in holistic, customized care that alternative medicine clinics have to offer today.

What Should I Bring?

Just because we are an alternative medical clinic doesn’t mean we don’t utilize the latest in modern medical techniques. Naturopathic doctors are educated in all aspects of physical care therefore recent medical lab testing is an important part of the diagnosis and management of the patient. We request that the patient bring in any recent blood work to be evaluated during the visit and we may, if we feel it necessary, provide the patient with a requisition for any additional lab work we feel would be helpful.

What Happens Next?

A second visit to our natural health clinic will be scheduled one month later to evaluate the progress of the patient and make any necessary changes. At this time, specialized testing such as live blood analysis or urinalysis may be conducted to aid in achieving an accurate diagnosis as well as an optimal state of functioning in the body. Subsequent visits to our alternative medicine clinic will then be scheduled in three to six-month intervals. We encourage you to ask questions and address all concerns that you might have, as one symptom may be related to another symptom going on at the same time in the body. Frequency of visits to our natural health clinic will be determined with your personalized treatment plan.

Our Medicinary

The Integrative Health Centre is a full-service alternative medicine clinic, which means we are equipped with an extensive and highly specialized medicinary. Our medicinary carries a wide variety of professional vitamins, minerals, herbals, homeopathic, and glandular medications. This provides a unique experience for most individuals who have become accustomed to having to make multiple visits to various labs and pharmacies.

As a leading natural health clinic, we have made a commitment to our patients to provide only the highest quality, most effective products possible. Therefore, the majority of these medications are not available in local health stores and many are imported from Europe and around the world.

Clinic Fees & Insurance

See our Fee Guide for more information on all of the fees associated with each of our natural health clinic services.

Be sure to check your health insurance plan as most cover naturopathic visits as part of their Extended Health Benefits coverage.

Take your health into your own hands. Book an appointment now and visit us at the Integrated Health Centre natural health clinic.