Candida and Yeast Issues

Naturopathic Treatments for Candida & Yeast Issues

Candida is a fungal organism that lives in the digestive and vaginal canal in the human body. What allows this organism to remain in balance is the good bacteria that also lives within the digestive and vaginal canal. With the over abundance of anti-bacterial products in our environment, the good bacteria can be decreased resulting in the candida organisms over populating the mucus membranes of the digestive and vaginal canal causing uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms of gas and bloating, sugar cravings, itching, pain, fatigue, change in bowel movements, discharge and overall discomfort are all indicators that the bacterial flora in the body may not be optimal and often a simple yeast cleansing protocol may be helpful in restoring the bacterial flora to get rid of the symptoms.A live blood cell analysis is often helpful to evaluate the digestive and yeast status within the body and may be done in the second visit to determine the effectiveness of a yeast protocol. Having uncomfortable digestive or vaginal related symptoms? Let us help you get your digestive and yeast based symptoms back on track. Please call 403-287-9201 to book an appointment with Dr. Chantelle Drobot or click here. To learn more about live blood cell analysis please click here.