Perimenopause Treatment and Symptoms

Here to Help You with Perimenopause Treatment

Perimenopause refers to the hormonal changes that affects women in their 40's and 50's. As a woman's reproductive system begins to change the amounts of hormones being produced, certain symptoms can start to manifest. Generally perimenopause refers to a decrease in the hormone progesterone being produced and causes changes to the menstrual cycle itself. Women often seek perimenopausal treatments because they can experience negative symptoms such as heavier periods, irregular cycles, mood related changes, breast tenderness, increased urinary frequency and difficulty sleeping. At Integrative Health, we pride ourselves on finding effective, natural remedies for perimenopause symptoms.

Find the Natural Remedy for Perimenopause Suited to You

Perimenopause is generally diagnosed based on symptom presentation however, there are also a variety of testing methods that can determine the levels of hormones within the bloodstream. Once the hormonal imbalances have been determined, natural treatments for perimenopause like supplement protocols can be very helpful in supporting these imbalances and allowing women to live happy, healthy energetic lives. Women want to feel great forever and ensuring that your body negotiates peri-menopause smoothly is a huge part of that journey. At the Integrative Health Centre, we want to help you get through your hormonal journey with safe and effective natural remedies for perimenopause and get on with the life you want to be living.

Integrative Health is Your Answer to Natural Treatments for Perimenopause

The Integrative Health Centre is committed to supporting individuals throughout their perimenopausal journey, offering clarity on hormonal changes and suggesting tailored perimenopause treatments to address specific concerns. Dr. Chantelle Drobot, a renowned expert in women's health, is available for appointments, and you can schedule a consultation by calling 403-287-9201. Take proactive steps towards managing this unpredictable phase of your life with natural treatments for perimenopause, empowering yourself to embrace a vibrant and fulfilling life during and beyond this significant life transition.