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Integrative Health Centre is a professional multi-disciplinary holistic health clinic in Calgary, committed to providing comprehensive natural health care and holistic medicine to our patients using a broad and integrative approach. This includes services of Naturopathic MedicineChiropractic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Specialized Testing. We are dedicated to providing our Calgary patients with the most holistic health information possible in order to reach and surpass their personal health goals. We want our patients to be involved in their own natural health care program to make effective and educated decisions and prevent future illnesses.

Conditions We Treat With Naturopathic & Holistic Medicine:

  • Women's Health
  • Digestive Health & Integrative Nutrition
  • Stress Related Conditions
    • Fatigue, Frequent Colds/Flus, Immune Dysfunction, Mood Issues, Sleep Issues, Insomnia, Headaches & Migranes
  • Men's Health
    • Prostate Issues, Andropause, Osteoporosis
  • Children's Health
    • Chronic Ear Infections, Frequent Colds/Flus, Immune Dysfunction, Sleep Issues, Digestive Issues
  • Allergies
    • Seasonal & Food Allergies
  • Optimizing Athletic Performance
  • And More

Advantages of Holistic Medicine and Integrative Nutrition

At Integrative Health Centre, we value holistic health. That means treating the entire patient, not just signs and symptoms. Holistic health gets to the origins of health issues, and treatment plans are developed alongside our patients, with education being at the heart of our practice. Integrative nutrition involves ongoing healthy lifestyle education. Our health care professionals work with patients to create treatment plans that address not only food, but also aspects of body, mind and spirit. Integrative nutrition integrates lifestyle, medical history, stress levels, sleep schedules, inflammation levels, work/rest balance, and daily habits in order to design the ultimate nutrition plan for you.

Why Choose Us for Holistic Health in Calgary?

Finding clinics to treat holistic health in Calgary can be overwhelming, and we can help. When it comes to holistic health care, we offer a comprehensive list of alternative health care practices and practitioners. Calgary holistic care has never been simpler to access. Reach out to our offices now to begin your journey of true self-care with holistic medicine at Integrative Health Centre.