Stress Related Conditions

Treatment on Stress Related Symptoms

We have all been "stressed" at some point in our lives, it's an inevitable part of today's society. When it comes to the word stress from a physical perspective though, stress really just means a "change" in our environment that the body needs to respond to. As things get busier, the body must adapt to these changes in the environment using a hormone system called the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands produce the hormones that allow the body to adapt to stressors within the environment and higher levels of stress force the adrenal glands to produce more hormone to respond to the demand.

Over the course of time with the increased demand, the adrenal glands can begin to "fatigue" and hormone production can decline which results in the manifestation of symptoms from anxiety or fatigue to inflammation to blood sugar imbalances. Certain testing methods can help to identify this adrenal fatigue and supplement programs can be helpful in supporting the adrenal glands in restoring their function.

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At the Integrative Health Centre we focus on ensuring your body can adapt to the stressors within your environment so you can maintain your lifestyle and still feel great. Because we are unable to change your outside environment, we focus on changing your internal environment by altering your diet slightly and using supplements to get you back on track. Health simply means you can live your life feeling good regardless of your lifestyle and we're excited to be part of that journey. Please call us at 403-287-9201 and ask to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chantelle Drobot. Let us help you decrease your stress levels and feel great today!