The summer is a time for friends, fun and a whole lot of festivities. Between stampede parties and visiting with friends, the hot weather brings with it barbeques, alcohol and cold, sweet treats that make the summer the best time of the year for socializing. As with any party, at some point the fun ends and it’s time to get back to work. As September approaches, it’s time to detox the fun and get back to normal. Here are some of the best supplements to help you in the detox process.

1) Lemon Juice and Water

Simple and inexpensive, drinking warm water with lemon juice in the morning helps in the detoxification process. Lemon juice is a “bitter” which stimulates gastric juices assisting in the breakdown of food, which results in better digestion. The better the digestive process, the less work the liver has to do and better yet, in addition to the digestive benefits, lemon water also increases the production of liver enzymes which break down proteins and assist in the flushing of toxins.

2) Add Walnuts and Grapefruit to Your Diet

Walnuts contain omega 3 fats and glutathione, which is an antioxidant that is fundamental in liver detoxification and functioning of the immune system. While the body produces its own glutathione, there are many things like poor diet, stress and pollution that deplete glutathione levels. Grapefruit, much like lemons, increases the production of detoxification enzymes from the liver promoting toxin breakdown and contains narigenin, which encourages the liver to burn fat, a welcome function after a summer spent indulging. Please note grapefruit cannot be consumed when taking a number of different medications. Please check with your pharmacist before consuming grapefruit to ensure it won’t interact with any medications.

3) Dandelion Root

While dandelions are the bane of everyone’s existence during the summer months, the roots of this herb is actually quite helpful in assisting the liver in the detoxification process. In fact, this entire herb is actually quite useful, the leaves are a well-known kidney tonic and diuretic but it is the root that is helpful for liver support. Dandelion root contains taraxicin and choline; substances that promote bile flow and stimulate enzyme production. Dandelion root can be found at most health food stores.